David Castro
President and CEO
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Barbara Wilkinson Sykes
Chief Financial Officer
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Angel Figueroa
Senior Vice-President, Education Division
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Ann Black
Vice-President for Development
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Cynda Clyde
Program Director, Fostering College Attachment
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Hector Torres
Director, Adult Education Center, Reading PA
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Barbara Mattleman
Independent Education Consultant
Celeste Palmer-Atkins
Director, ACE @ Deliverance
Judith Ortiz
Director, ACE @ Delaware County
Dr. Nolan Fontaine
Leadership Instructor
Amy Griner
Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

I-LEAD Board of Directors

Lynne Abraham
Board Chair
Joseph Amprey
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David Castro
President and CEO
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Susan Herron
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Robert Jefferson
David Maola
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Robert Natalini