Achieve College Education

Helping Underserved Communities Realize their Full Potential Through Higher Education

Leadership Development

“Be the change you wish to see in this world”
– Gandhi

Mission and Vision

To liberate human potential in challenged communities, I-LEAD strengthens leadership
and creates breakthrough learning via innovative curriculum,
access to higher education and charter schools.

I-LEAD Accomplishes its Mission in Three Ways:

  • We help our students build and practice a repertoire of important leadership skills—the skills entailed in effective dialogue, negotiation, creative leadership, systems thinking, speaking as a leader, and ethical leadership.
ACE grad group
  • We help our students master certain bodies of supplemental information required for effective leadership, including knowledge of public systems, private systems, political leadership, group dynamics, and understanding technology.
ILCS group
  • We assist our students, partners and clients in envisioning and achieving tangible community-based leadership initiatives, in the areas of community leadership, education, community health, and technology proficiency.

Executive Leadership

David Castro

David Castro

President & CEO

Angel Figueroa

Angel Figueroa

Senior Vice President

Lynne Abraham

Lynne Abraham

Board Chair

ACE gave me the opportunity to start/restart college.  It is convenient and affordable.  It changed my life. Even though I had many struggles, I was determined to graduate and show other students that they can do this too.
Miriam Figueroa

ACE Student, Harcum College

It’s been a way to follow in his footsteps. I have dreams, everyone has dreams, and I would like to accomplish them, and I know this is the way to do it, by going through education. It’s been a way to do what I have to do to succeed.
Achieve College Education Student