The Inward Sun: A New Paradigm in Leadership Development

The Inward Sun book coverOur understanding of organizational leadership has evolved over the past 50 years. Well-respected institutions such as the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT and Harvard’s Negotiation Project have engaged in extensive research on organizational behavior that has informed the work of thought leaders and practitioners in the field. 

Today, the emphasis is more on teams than individual leaders. We study how teams coalesce, function and excel. Best practices in team-building include activities meant to enhance social relations and engage in collaborative tasks and problem-solving. 

Along another pathway related to organizational learning and effectiveness, a great deal of work has been undertaken to understand how individuals thrive under duress and transcend obstacles — and even failure — to achieve satisfaction in their lives and work. A growing interest in the benefits of mindfulness has launched an entire industry intent on teaching people how to quiet their minds, sharpen their focus and to be more centered and productive in every aspect of their lives. 

The Inward Sun is a synthesis of the best practices developed by the leading academic institutions and gifted leadership development experts with cutting edge work on the field of human potential. The practices presented in The Inward Sun begin with training in those fundamental practices necessary to master the developmental tools that lead to high-functioning teams in any kind of organization. 

The Inward Sun training consists of developing foundational practices in three Domains of Action: Engaging, Aspiring, and Achieving. Each practice is developmental in nature, building upon one another to create strengths that can be employed to have a robust experience in each Domain of Action. 

The chart below shows where traditional leadership learning modules are incorporated into The Inward Sun model.




Scheduled throughout the year, the Weekend Introductory Workshops provide an overview of The Inward Sun training components. Participants will learn several practices in each Domain of Action.

The workshops are held in various locations throughout the country. You’ll share a beautifully-appointed AirBnB though you are also welcome to arrange for other accommodations. The experience of working together in one setting, sharing meals, and if you like, evening conversations, helps to build a sense of connection and community with others making the same journey as you.

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• Single room, usually with a queen-sized bed
• Private bath
• Breakfast and lunch and Friday dinner buffet
• Training begins on Friday evening, 6:30pm (A hot and cold buffet will be available 4:30 – 7:30pm). You’ll be engaged with the trainers on Saturday from 8:30am – 6:00pm.
• Training resumes Sunday morning at 8:30 and concludes at noon followed by lunch.
Cost: $1500

• April 3-4, Orlando, FL

• May 1-3, Sedona, AZ

• June 12-14, Portsmouth, NH

• Sept. 25-27, Cape May, NJ

• Oct. 23-25, Pendle Hill Retreat, Wallingford, PA

We offer a seven week web-based training for those who want to learn the essential practices of The Inward Sun leadership paradigm:
• Mindfulness
• Compassion
• Visioning
• Willpower
• Resilience
• Dynamics
• Genership

The Immersion Experience is a combination of in-person weekend retreats, webinars and intensive personalized feedback and one-on-one coaching and is based on the seven practices in The Inward Sun.

You will spend two months in a deep exploration within each Domain of Action: Engaging, Aspiring and Achieving. Each module of exploration builds upon previous ones so that you are fully prepared to Achieve at the highest possible level.

The Immersion Experience is cohort-based so participants have a community of partners who will enrich the experience with support, insights and perspectives.
The Immersion Experience is suited for senior managers and executives.



Dave is an accomplished leadership trainer and consultant with over 20 years of experience. He is the author of Genership: Beyond Leadership Toward Liberating the Creative Soul, and The Inward Sun: 7 Practices to Engage, Aspire and Achieve. 

Denise works with senior and emerging leaders to build collaborative capabilities, and a mindful and emotionally intelligent presence, which together increase influence and impact.