I-LEAD Charter School Student Profile

ILCS Fast Facts


  • 425 Learners in 2013-14 Academic Year
  • Ages 14-21
  • 46% Male / 54% Female
  • 88% Latino, 7% African-American, 3% Caucasian
  • 30% English Language Learners
  • Over 80% qualify for free or reduced lunch


  • Average reading level of incoming learners is 5th grade
  • Incoming learners scored 33% out of 100 on grade level mathematics assessments
  • 84% of instructional staff are certified teachers
  • Retained learners realized an increased GPA
  • 70% of seniors with a sufficient number of credits graduated in 2013
  • 82% of 2013 graduates are pursuing postsecondary training

I-LEAD Charter School Graduate Voices

Someone once said, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” I feel this applies to me because I am going to be the first one in my family to graduate from high school and the first one to earn a college degree…I plan to attend Immaculata University, in order to pursue a degree in Nursing. Ultimately, I aim to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and work closely with the youth in my community.

– ILCS Learner

I knew I had to get my life together I just didn’t know how. I came to this school the first year it opened looking for something new, a change, a new beginning and I found it. I-LEAD Charter School gave me a second chance. Something that I needed.

– ILCS Learner

Before I got to I-LEAD I was going to drop out of school…what’s funny is that the year I was going to drop out is the same year I-LEAD opened.

– ILCS Learner

My experience before I-LEAD charter School was horrible. It was the summer of 2012 and I found out I was expecting a baby. I only needed three credits to graduate…I heard about I-LEAD charter School through a friend who was telling me they could help me and probably get me done school before my due date. I went and signed up and they told me I would be done school in January.

– Abagail Guzman

Starting school again since I dropped out was really weird to me…throughout all my situations no one gave up on me. No one judged me for being twenty and trying to make a difference in life. They guided me; they showed me how I shouldn’t be ashamed, I should be proud of myself.

– Rosa Harris

The school changed my way of seeing my future and what I’m capable of doing. I’m glad to say that I’ll be the first in my family to graduate with a high school diploma and attend college in the fall…attending college…was the hardest decision I had to make and I was pretty confused on where I wanted to go as a young Hispanic lady representing her community. I’ll be a full time student at Reading Area Community College taking my general education classes my first two years. After that I’ll be transferring to Alvernia University to continue my education in nursing and then my BSN. I’m aiming for my master’s by the age of thirty.

– Stephanie Castillo

[My previous school] didn’t give me options or help me get ready for college and the real world like I-LEAD does.

– Frangelis Curet

My freshman year [at another school] I was introduced to cutting class and leaving the building. I would get suspended four or five times a month. It was bad. My sophomore year I got caught for day curfew and had to do 120 hours of community service. My junior year I would be in in-school suspension once or twice a week…Once I was accepted to I-LEAD Charter School, my life changed for the better. I was going to school every day, doing my work and my grades were always on point. I’ve been attending I-LEAD Charter School for a year and a half and I am proud to be graduating from this school. I thank I-LEAD for opening its doors for me and helping me pursue my career as a Registered Nurse.

– ILCS Learner

I-LEAD makes sure you graduate and become someone.

– Jackeline Diaz

I-LEAD has been a life altering experience for me. The path I was taking at previous schools would have left me a high school dropout…If I-LEAD would never have opened I wouldn’t have the opportunity to say that I am the first of my family to graduate high school. I wouldn’t be prepared to enter the college life in August. I will be studying pre-med. I know that one day I will become the surgeon I want to be.

– ILCS Learner

Once I started high school, I hung with the wrong crowd. It got to the point where I was missing class and getting in trouble. Then I realized I was going the wrong path. This wasn’t something I wanted. I knew I wanted to be someone in life. I thought about a change…and applied to I-LEAD Charter School. It has changed my life for the better. For once, I enjoyed going to school.

– Denisha Machado

In my 11th grade year, when I was only 17 years old, I was not going to school anymore and [ready] to leave Reading for good….My experience at I-LEAD charter was a big change for me. I improved my grades, my attitude toward coming to school, and accomplishing my goals…I am finally graduating and I thank I-LEAD for teaching me to never give up. My life plan is to attend college and major in criminal justice.

– ILCS Learner

Here the teachers motivate you to want a better future.

– Sully Olivo

Before I came here all I was ever told was that I was going to never graduate and end up striving for a GED instead of college. After a while, I began believing what I was told until I was enrolled at I-LEAD. My mother is finally able to rest assured knowing that her first born son will be receiving his high school diploma in June 2013. After the summer passes, I’m planning on enlisting in the United States Marine Corps.

– Kevin Benn

I-LEAD has taught me how to manage my time more wisely and organize myself and priorities. It has helped me discover my passion and tested my abilities in the area I want to work in.

– Cristal Liriano

Before I came to ILCS my grades were real horrible. I didn’t have much help with make-up work, or teachers’ support to tell me how I can bring up my grades. The teachers and other staff were more focused on the problems than teaching or helping the students that actually wanted to be helped. After failing my freshman year, I was determined to make something of myself and graduate at the year I am supposed to. That’s when I heard that I had an opportunity at I-LEAD and took my chances here. It was the best choice I could possibly make. I never had an experience where a teacher would let my grade stay low. I’ve been pushed and that was a great benefit to me. I’ve never been more confident with my goals. My life plan is to go into the Navy and make a career out of it.

– ILCS Learner

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