In 2011, I-LEAD, Inc. led a founding coalition that founded I-LEAD Charter School. Since that time, I-LEAD has provided leadership development and charitable support to the school. At this time, the school has independent executive leadership. For questions or business matters concerning the school, please call 1.855.453.2327, or visit the school’s website at

I-LEAD Charter School (ILCS) is a public high school in the city of Reading that serves young people in grades 9-12 who have dropped out of high school or who are at risk for doing so. The school opened on September 6, 2011, with an enrollment of 205 learners and as of September 2013 has grown to serve more than 400 learners. I-LEAD Charter School is the first and only bricks and mortar charter school in Berks County.

The school’s goal is to enable at-risk youth in grades 9 through 12 to move successfully into adulthood through an educational model that combines academic and real-world learning (mentoring, internships, and career and life planning) in a small, supportive environment in which learners are encouraged and enabled to develop their potential.


ILCS empowers learners to be self-sufficient members of the 21st century economy as effective leaders and engaged citizens.

Download ILCS 2012-13 Report The Journey Begins

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