The Habitat for Entrepreneurship Initiative

Rebuilding Trust and Hope

The proceeds of your contribution will be used to select and fund worthy projects. I-LEAD is public charity and all donations are fully tax exempt.

The Habitat for Entrepreneurship Initiative

I-LEAD wants to express solidarity with the millions of peaceful demonstrators who have protested in recent weeks around the world in support of racial equity and an end to police brutality and unreasonable use of force in connection with policing.

Unfortunately, in many communities, the justified outpouring of grief and frustration has led to the unjustified destruction of small businesses, owned by both white entrepreneurs and those of color, which are the lifeblood of neighborhoods and communities, at a time when many communities were already devastated by the economic losses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To help entrepreneurs and community leaders whose small businesses have experienced uninsured losses in the civil unrest and now need help getting back on their feet, I-LEAD is announcing the Habitat for Entrepreneurship Initiative. We are raising funds to help community leaders rebuild their businesses and their neighborhoods, communities that value racial equality, the protection of civil liberties, security from oppression, and also the right to freedom of enterprise in the service of the community through individual entrepreneurship and responsible community leadership.

The link above will take you to a form where you can share information about yourself, your community, the damage that you suffered and what you need to rebuild. You can also share a video message. We will use the information that you provide to help us raise funds to help you and others similar to you. We also want to know that you are committed to racial equity, peace and nonviolence.