Community-Based Leadership Training

I-LEAD has been training grassroots leaders,
primarily in under-served communities,
for more than 20 years.


Skillful and knowledgeable grassroots leaders are better able to create deep and radical changes in their communities. They become self-sustaining and plentiful sources of positive energy in these communities. With improved skills and information, they create new wealth and new opportunities; and they attract new financial and human resources. They engage others in a process of creative visioning. They also learn to sustain their leadership into the future by developing skilled and informed leadership abilities in others. Connecting these neighborhood leaders with one another, and equipping them with credentialed leadership education empowers residents to examine and engage their own strengths to build authentic community. With a restored sense of efficacy and a degreed citizenry, the economic, civic, and social well-being of a community can be sustained into the future.

I-LEAD’s programming integrates a bundle of proven leadership skills and knowledge and strives to change the fundamental system’s dynamics at work in challenged communities. One facet of this integrated model of leadership involves skills that encompass and intertwine the interpersonal and the creative dimensions of leadership. Another facet involves information regarding the nature of public and private systems. Finally, technology proficiency serves to supplement and enhance existing leadership skills and knowledge to impact personal lives and community issues more effectively.


Leadership Curriculum Description

I-LEAD’s core leadership curriculum integrates critical leadership skills, knowledge and disciplines. I-LEAD’s curriculum was developed over a decade of work with literally thousands of community leaders across Pennsylvania. This unique leadership studies curriculum is divided into eleven formal course areas: Effective Dialogue, Negotiation, Creative Leadership, Systems Thinking, Public Systems, Private Systems, Speaking as a Leader, Political Leadership, Group Dynamics, Ethical Leadership, and Understanding Technology.


Training Options

Contact us for a private consultation regarding individual or group training.